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UAVA Confidentiality & Data Protection Policy


UAVA Ltd stands for United Against Violence and Abuse. We are a consortium of three local specialist providers of domestic abuse and sexual violence services. 

We are Women’s Aid Leicestershire Ltd, Freeva and Living Without Abuse. 

UAVA provides co-ordinated domestic and sexual violence services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for any male or female over the age of 13 and this policy applies to services provided under the UAVA banner. 

UAVA has access to information concerning many groups and individuals and it is therefore imperative that the strictest confidentiality is maintained at all times.  Information belongs to the person or agency entrusting it to a member of staff, volunteer or member of UAVA.  Any information passed on outside of UAVA will only be given with the express permission of the person or body which supplied the information unless we are legally obliged to disclose it.     

UAVA has notified the Information Commissioner’s Office  (ICO) under the Data Protection Act, our registration number is 00043845540.  We endeavour to ensure that all information is stored under their guidelines: 

  • Confidential and sensitive information is kept securely 
  • It is fairly and lawfully processed  
  • It is accurate and kept up to date  
  • It is limited to relevant information and not excessive for its purpose  
  • It will not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was given.


The UAVA Board has a responsibility to ensure all staff and volunteers are aware of Data Protection principles and the need for confidentiality, and that they are aware of specific guidelines that may be developed for specialised areas of work.    All members of staff and volunteers in UAVA are responsible for ensuring any information they hold or are party to, is handled in line with member policies and the Data Protection Act.     

Care with Identification  

It is accepted that most breaches of confidentiality are accidental rather than deliberate and it is important to remember never to break confidentiality regardless of how the information is received.  It is important to recognise that descriptions of individual events and circumstances can lead to identification even when names have not been used.     


It is accepted that on certain occasions we may need to discuss an issue with other people within the UAVA teams, senior workers, managers or a member of the Committee.  If this occurs it must be made absolutely clear that all people concerned are bound by confidentiality and that confidential matters must not be discussed outside UAVA.   

Sharing Information with Commissioners/Funders 

Anonymised data is shared with UAVA’s commissioners for monitoring purposes.  In addition commissioners may request to view client files for quality assurance purposes; consent for this must be explicit, obtained from the client and recorded on the client’s case record.  UAVA Commissioners include Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Councils together with the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner. 

Call Recording 

All calls to the UAVA Helpline are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.  This is clearly communicated to all service users by means of a pre-recorded message played before each call to the helpline is connected.  In addition service users are informed of call recordings on the UAVA website and promotional material. 

Sharing without consent 

Due to the nature of UAVA work, UAVA realises that it may be necessary to breach the basic rules of confidentiality for safeguarding purposes; UAVA member agencies will ensure that any information shared without consent is shared lawfully.  Information will only be shared without consent – where it is in the substantial public interest, and necessary for the purpose of: (i) protecting an individual from neglect or physical, mental or emotional harm; or (ii) protecting the physical, mental or emotional well-being of an individual.  

Where that individual is:  

  • a child or an adult at risk  
  • under 18 or 
  • having needs for care and support, 
  • experiencing or at risk of neglect or any type of harm 
  • unable to protect themselves 

Where a staff member or volunteer feels that a matter is sufficiently serious she/he must follow the member agency guidance regarding sharing information without consent in line with agency’s Data Protection Policy, Child Protection Policy & Practice and Safeguarding Adults Policy & Practice as appropriate. 

Unless it would prejudice the safeguarding purpose (i.e. the protection of the individual); all efforts will be made to obtain consent.   

In all cases breaches must be reported to the appropriate senior worker/ line manager and fully documented on the client case record.  

Individual Access     

Individuals have the right to access information held on them within the organisation in order to allow the individual to confirm the accuracy of data and confirm the lawfulness of processing and to allow them to exercise rights of correction or objection etc if necessary 

A copy of the information held will be provided free of charge within one month of receipt of request. Further copies of the same information may be subject to a reasonable fee to cover any administrative costs of providing the information. 

Where the access request is made electronically the information will be provided in an electronic format. 

Requests made for other, non-data protection purposes, may possibly be rejected.  Where the decision is made to refuse to respond to a request, the reasons for the refusal will be explained to the individual.  Individuals also have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO relating to information held about them. 

UAVA will ensure every reasonable measure has been taken to verify the identity of the person making the request before any information is disclosed.  

If a service user requires access to their information, this must be put in writing to info@uava.org.uk    

Statistical Information 

Any statistical information or research carried out must be presented so that no individual can be identified unless clear prior permission has been given.  An explanation of how the information will be used must be given to any person agreeing to be identified.   

Comments, Queries & Complaints 

UAVA is committed to providing the highest level of service at all times. We recognise that from time to time there may be a need to raise a concern about an aspect of our work. To do this please contact us by email at feedback@uava.org.uk.