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New measures in place for IDVA referrals

Due to the current capacity crisis within the IDVA team, as from Wednesday 22nd March 2017, we will be implementing the following measures. This will be on a temporary basis and until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience and would like to offer reassurance that this decision was not taken lightly and the safety of our clients remains a priority for the IDVA Service.

If you have any concerns please contact us.

The following temporary measures are:

  1. The threshold for IDVA intervention in Rutland will be raised to 14 yes responses on the SafeLives DASH RIC to bring it in line with Leicester and Leicestershire.
  2. All referrals received by the IDVA team will be reviewed within 48hrs of receipt of referral and triaged before any attempt is made to contact the victim.
  3. Referrals where there is visible high risk and it is clear, from a review of the referral and RIC, that immediate safety planning needs to be completed will be prioritised and categorised as – Priority A.
  4. Referrals received where there are no immediate safety needs identified, from a review of the referral and RIC, will be categorised as – Priority B.
  5. Referrals received where there is insufficient information to make an assessment from the referral form or the RIC, there is no evidence of recent significant harm/risk, or there has been no RIC completed by the referring agency will be categorised as – Priority C.

Priority A  Cases

Cases will be prioritised and a minimum of three proactive attempts to contact the victim, review the RIC and complete the safety planning will be made by the IDVA team within one week of referral.

Priority B  Cases

Referrers will be notified that there will be a delay in attempting contact with the victim.  Referral agencies must ensure that additional safeguarding measures are considered, by their agency, in the interim.  The IDVA team will notify the referrer when the case has been allocated to an IDVA worker.

Priority C – Cases

Referrers will be contacted and notified that there is insufficient information to complete the IDVA assessment.  Referral agencies will be asked to undertake a review of the RIC with the client and re-submit the referral if the outcome of the review meets the IDVA threshold.  No additional actions will be undertaken by the IDVA team during this period.   Referral agencies must therefore ensure that additional safeguarding measures are considered by their agency.

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