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Helpline: 0808 80 200 28  Email: info@uava.org.uk

Text support: 07715 994 962
(Text support only, calls will not be answered)

In an emergency, always dial 999

Make A Referral

Primary Victims of Domestic Abuse or Sexual Violence (aged 13+) 

Support for those aged 13 years and over, living in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland who are, or have been, affected by sexual violence or domestic abuse in their own intimate partner relationships can be referred using our new Online Referral link. Please note: for children and perpetrator referrals you will need to use different forms as linked below.

Please note that referrals are only accepted with client consent unless safeguarding risk overrides consent.  You will be asked to confirm this before being able to progress with the form.  Please ensure the form is completed in full including support needs and background information. We will also need information about the alleged perpetrator to ensure robust safety planning.

(The online referral form is for primary victims of domestic abuse or sexual violence only.  If you would like to refer to other support (for perpetrator services or for family services) please follow referral guidance below.

For the City Family Service, please fill out the following form.

Please see our Downloads section for the Jenkins Centre referral form. 

UAVA Business Line: 0116 255 0004  

We do however continue to receive a high volume of calls. If your call is not answered immediately, kindly leave your name and number on the answerphone and we will call you back as soon as we are able.  This line is for business calls from professionals only. Calls to this number are screened.

Secure email: secure.referral@uava.cjsm.net

Please note that professionals will only be able to send emails to this account if they are sending it from a secure email such as cjsm or pnn (police) email address. If you do not receive an automated acknowledgement for the referral sent to secure.referral@uava.cjsm.net please contact the UAVA Business Line on 0116 255 0004

Non-secure email: referrals@uava.org.uk

Emails sent to the referrals@uava.org.uk should be password protected or sent via Egress.