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We aim to keep you up to date on recent changes to the law around Domestic Abuse, as well as some useful links and blogs for service users.

Friends and Family Blog

Abusive relationships are not just exclusive to partners, ‘Domestic abuse’ is a term used to describe abuse from one partner towards another, even if they have separated but also from one adult family member towards another, such as grown-up child towards a carer giver. Yet, as the person outside of the relationship; it can be hard to know exactly how to identify abusive behaviours and knowing whether you should be concerned.

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Living In A Pandemic

Our first instincts as humans when faced with crisis or threat is to turn to other humans, to seek solace, to seek connection, to try to stay safe and to try to make sense of what is happening. However, in this Pandemic we are being told: To stay away!

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DV Abuse Bill Update April

Commons Disagreement, amendments in lieu and reason

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