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Group Programmes

UAVA Group Programmes

We accept referrals to the UAVA group programmes from professionals. To refer an individual, please download and complete the below Group Programmes form and email it to referrals@uava.org.uk. If you have any queries regarding the referral process or the group programmes, please call our business line on 0116 255 0004.

UAVA Group Programmes Form               UAVA Group Programmes Form


An outline of each programme, followed by the next start dates for each course, is below.

Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme, created by Pat Craven, examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors. The aim is to help them to make sense of and understand what has happened to them. The Freedom Programme also describes in detail how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and very importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed. Currently open to females, aged 18+.

Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit, created by Su Penna, is a 12 week programme for any individual who has experienced domestic abuse. It is unique in its approach, using a combination of psycho-education, trauma focused cognitive behaviour therapy and person–centred therapeutic principles. Currently open to females, aged 18+.


This shorter eight week programme, created by LWA with support from Sure Start professionals, uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic approach. Its predominant focus is to promote personal growth and development when leaving an abusive relationship. This would include build on skills to strengthen and empower the individual, encouraging emotional strength and determination, awareness of costs and benefits of leaving versus remaining in a relationship, planning for the future and building confidence and self-esteem. This programme is for those who understand the abuse and want to focus on building life skills and tools to assist in dealing with and moving on from the abuse. Currently open to females, aged 18+. A programme for males, aged 18+, will be commencing in 2017 with dates to be confirmed.


(This is a new course, which will begin in April 2017) The Unbreakable programme, created by LWA, is a six week follow on course, designed to embed learning and development from the Unbroken programme. This course focuses on building confidence and self-esteem, and cements all prior learning and to ensure victims and survivors leave the programme ‘unbreakable’. This course would be beneficial for victims/survivors of sexual violence. It is open to anyone, however it would be useful for individuals to have completed the Freedom, Recovery Toolkit or Unbroken courses first. Currently open to females, aged 18+.


The maximum number on each course is 20.


ProgrammeAreaStart Date
Recovery ToolkitMelton26/04/2017
Recovery ToolkitNorth West Leicester27/04/2017
Recovery ToolkitOakham27/04/2017
Freedom ProgrammeLeicester City (New Parks)02/05/2017
Freedom ProgrammeLeicester City04/05/2017
Freedom ProgrammeMelton06/09/2017
Freedom Programme, running into Recovery ToolkitOakham07/09/2017
Recovery ToolkitMelton13/12/2017
Freedom ProgrammeMelton10/01/2018