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Helpline: 0808 80 200 28  Email: info@uava.org.uk

Text support: 07715 994 962
(Text support only, calls will not be answered)

In an emergency, always dial 999

07/04/2020; Have a code word / sign for if you are in danger – set this up for family and friends to let them know by Text / Facetime / Skype

Keeping Safe from SafeLives: http://safelives.org.uk/news-views/domestic-abuse-and-covid-19

In light of the developing coronavirus situation, we wanted to update you on the actions we are taking during this difficult time.

The safety and well-being of our staff and clients is our biggest priority. We understand that the impact of coronavirus may put a further strain on relationships in particular where there individuals are asked to “social distance” or “self-isolate.” During this period of uncertainties, you may be feeling more anxious and it is important that you look after yourself and get some support if you need to.

We will continue to be here to support you however we may have to deliver some services differently. The helpline will continue to be open however there might be times when you will have to leave a message and if it is safe to do so then one of our helpline advisors will call you back as soon as they are able to. We anticipate an increase in the use of telephone support and video calls rather than face-to-face support and we will do everything we can to help. We anticipate that there may be a time when we will be operating with a reduced team however we will do everything we can to minimise the disruptions to services.

We advise that should a situation arise that puts you in immediate danger then you need to call 999. Please however contact us if you need to talk through a safety plan if you are concerned about your safety during this time.

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We support anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse or sexual violence

If you need our support call our helpline on 0808 80 200 28

Take your first step, call our helpline NOW